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Waterless Pedicure


GLAM SHACK is one of the very few in the Raleigh and surrounding areas that offers waterless pedicures. We have extensively researched on the service and are always looking for new ways to improve our skills to make your experience the best it can be. We believe everybody deserves to be treated like a VIP the moment they step into our spa. 





A waterless pedicure is a pedicure that requires no tub to soak your feet. You are probably thinking you will be missing out on the luxury and experience like a traditional pedicure but we assure you, you WILL NOT be missing out on anything! 


Instead of the uncomfortable stiff chairs and tubs, you will be laying on our comfortable spa bed with a pillow and blanket. You are welcome to adjust yourself to fully lie down or sit up to your comfort. Once you are ready and relax, we will spray your feet down with our Gehwol medicated solution, wrap each foot with eucalyptus infused hot towels then cover with our heated booties. Sounds divine, right?!?!? After 10-15 minutes of marinating, we will begin your pedicure with the usual steps and finish off with a massage. 


You are able to escape from the world during your service and not have to be interrupted by switching your feet and lifting them up like you would during a traditional pedicure. 




  • It is THE MOST sanitary way to receive a pedicure without being concern of the possibility of infection due to the bacteria filled jetted tubs.

  • It is geriatric, diabetic and immunocompromised FRIENDLY… because, again, it is more sanitary.

  • Your cuticles are not too plumped from over soaking, therefore can be easier to remove without over cutting.

  • Calluses and dry skin are more visible to be addressed and resolved.

  • Nail polish will last longer. When your toes sit in water too long, it will over saturate and changes its texture and shape. When the nail returns back to its shape, it weakens the applied polish. 

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