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                             GLAM SHACK BRINGS YOU ONLY THE VERY BEST. 

Why is Environ® skin care so different and so special?

Environ® Skincare Products – Results Driven Skincare

Environ® Skincare products are formulated by prominent South African plastic surgeon, Dr. Des Fernandes and they have been helping to improve and create beautiful skin for men and women for over two decades around the world. Environ is devoted to delivering innovative products that contain Vitamin A and essential antioxidants.

Environ® is one of only a few companies in the world with their own dedicated manufacturing facility in Cape Town, South Africa. Maximum efficacy of formulations is maintained by prevention of exposure to light, heat, air and irradiation. Products are tested by independent laboratories who have certified facilities for microbiological and vitamin analysis.

Environ’s focus is a beautiful skin for a lifetime, and strives to deliver the freshest products possible. Environ’s products are mostly non-fragranced and colorant free. No preservatives are added during the manufacturing process and the final products are never tested on animals. Environ® is never compromised by marketing trends; scientific principles underlie the selection of all ingredients.

Environ’s unique step-up system allows the skin to become comfortable with increased levels of Vitamin A and other essential vitamins and antioxidants to guide the skin on its journey to a soft glowing appearance. Professional treatments and home skin care programs all contribute to Environ’s philosophy of a beautiful skin for a lifetime. The line is based on varying intensities and levels of ingredients to ensure your skin adapts in a healthy and safe manner.

Call Glam Shack  for a skin care consultation in order to introduce the range, help diagnose your precise needs whether it’s for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, anti-aging and to demonstrate the efficacy and feel of our products in person.   The efficacy of its products has made it a cult favorite among movie, television and sport celebrities and those in the know, and is acclaimed by international beauty editors, skin care professionals and physicians.Get the “Environ® Glow” for yourself.

Every Facial is based on the following steps-

Cleanse    Prepare    Treat    Protect


Our Advanced Facial Treatments increase correction from the inside out.  We are very proud to be an exclusively Environ® establishment and approved retailer of this premium medical grade skin care that will transform your skin naturally without making use of preservatives, colorants or perfumes!


Our approach is holistic, cutting-edge and suitable for all skin types and conditions. We understand your skin is unique just like you. We analyze your skin type and customize the treatment to address your specific health and skin care needs. We know that regular care is vital to maintaining healthy skin as well as reversing the signs of aging.


Facials are done VIP style. This means that the Neck, Shoulders and Upper Chest are also included! with the health of  your  skin in mind, we  use only Environ®, a Medical Grade Skin Care,  backed by science and medicine that incorporates the latest technology and only the highest grade Vitamins A, C, E, Antioxidants and Peptides to help restore, protect and maintain the appearance of a healthy,  youthful and beautiful skin. Environ® Assists in undoing damage done over years and helps you to achieve your skin care goals with the world's most effective ingredients and treatments. 


Environ®  Skin Care is the gold standard for scientific skin care! getting results is our main objective!​ 

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