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           What is cupping? What are the benefits?

 Massage is a deeply restorative body therapy that can soothe the soul as well as sore or tired muscles. We encourage you to communicate with Lori to           ensure that she understands precisely what you want so you can work together to maximize your treatment. Also, please inform her of any medical                     conditions or medications you are taking. * No massage can be performed during the first trimester of pregnancy.










Therapeutic Swedish Massage

Incorporates long, gliding strokes and kneading techniques on the upper layers of the muscles. This massage relaxes muscles, improves circulation, increases range of motion and stimulates the skin and nervous system. It enhances balance and harmony while creating a sense of relaxed well-being. Soothing and relaxing for both body and mind, this massage works to address anxiety, stress, insomnia, irritability and premenstrual symptoms by using specific massage strokes, pressure points, stretches, and aromas that soothe aches and pains. It increases blood circulation and lymph flow, decreases fluid retention in muscles, tissues and joints, and eliminates toxins to calm the nervous system, thereby allowing the practice of stillness and comfort in one's body. Pressure can be light to medium. Deep Tissue adds more focus to release chronic muscle tension and knots.

Pre-natal Massage    

Designed for the mother-to-be in her second and third trimesters, this gentle massage focuses on the discomforts of pregnancy. Relax yourself and your baby! All products used are safe for mother and baby.

Reflexology Foot Massage


Working with the ancient understanding that all areas of the body have corresponding points in the feet, this therapy uses gentle pressure applied to carefully selected reflex points in the feet to unlock tension and stress. This massage will stimulate circulation, relieve stress, promote overall relaxation, and release energy throughout your entire body.



                                                    Prices for Therapeutic Swedish, Reflexology & Pre-natal Massages

30 min Massage - $50

60 min Massage - $80

  90 min Massage - $110

  2-Hour Massage -  $150


Signature Scalp Massage - 20 min Massage - $50  

A 20-minute luxurious scalp massage and conditioning treatment for the hair using warm oils to calm and relax the body while nourishing and balancing dry/oily scalp and hair. A perfect service on it's own or as an add-on to any one of our other treatments.

Express Massage - 30 min Massage - $50  

A quick (30 min) pick-me-up or if you're just looking to target a specific area.


Signature Scalp Massage - 20 min - $50

*can also be an add-on to any other service

CBD Lotion Add-on = $20

Aromatherapy Add-on = $5

Cupping Therapy Add-on - 15 min - $20

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