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                        "Glam Shack is your One-Stop Shop

if you want to treat yourself like the Princess that you are!  

           Naómi is such a ray of sunshine and she truly cares

about your comfort and satisfaction.  

           If you're looking for relaxation, look no more!

You need to experience this for yourself."


                                                                           ~Jocelyn  G.

                              "I love getting treatments from Naómi.

       She does a wonderful job and always teaches me something

new about my skin and nails!

                    She is very thorough and professional.

                                                    I can tell she loves what she does.


                                             ~ Sylvie M.


              "I recently had the pleasure of getting a facial from Naomi.

                                      Not only was she as skilled and professional as they come,                      

but she works out of an incredibly inviting space and has a lovely welcoming way about her.  

              Her soothing voice and confidence in what she's doing put me at ease right away.

                                I felt relaxed and pampered. And the difference in my skin was noticeable afterward. 

       I looked and felt great. I'd highly recommend her services to anyone."



              ~Abby  N.


                          "Simply put, after getting the

VIP  Facial  done with Naómi,

      I will never let anyone else take care of my      

                          skincare needs. I trust her completely!"


                                                           ~ D. S.






          Just had my first facial with Naomi,

                                                         and it was Ah-Maze-Ing!   

She really goes out of her way to understand what your skin needs,

as well as to ensure you are comfortable and pampered.  

             There is no "hard sell" on products, either.  

If you are really looking for a VIP experience at a reasonable price, this is the place!

                                       ~Jerilyn M.



                                       I just had my first facial ever and a pedicure with Naomi at the Glam Shack.  

                                                                  Naomi is first class! 

                                 My nails have never looked better!  My face feels like a million bucks compared to before.  

                                             My skin is still a work in progress......  

                       Naomi is extremely helpful in advising you how to care for your skin.

She spent quite a bit of time explaining skin care.  I can see that she loves her job and is results oriented.

                                 It's important to Naomi that all of her customers are highly satisfied.   
I highly recommend the Glam Shack to anyone looking for top notch service at a reasonable price.  

     You will not be disappointed!  Love this place!  Thanks Naomi!

                                                                                                                                                               ~ Carol L.

"You can tell Naómi has spent years working for high-end, luxury spa's.

                       Her attention to detail, level of service and knowledge is unsurpassed!

My results have been incredible and the experience unforgettable.  

     Thank you Naómi!"

                                                                                                          -Stephanie Lou

"Out of this world amazing! I repeat, OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!

                         Exclusive one-on-one attention that you cannot find anywhere else.           This place is every girls dream...."

                                                                               -Tonya Miller.

"Absolute best Facial EVER! What a treat?!  I really do feel like a VIP. Don't                     think twice, come here - You'll never want to leave!"

                                                                                                         -Kathy Duncan.

"Naómi is the BOSS of my skin! This is my favorite place for me-time. I always                       leave feeling like a Million bucks!"

                                                                                -Carol Larsen.


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